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    Hi All,
    Im trying to extract several frames from a video in order to use it as a video on its own. Problem is frames aren't in the right places just to cut it out and use.

    I need to extract the frames and re-order them. i know how to re-order them. But i can't seem to extract them.

    The video is .VOB file and whenever i re-encode it to just mpeg2 i can extract them frames problem is that looses quality and i dont want this.

    When I try the program (imexor) on the .vob file it crashes, any ideas for another extraction program to use?

    I've also tried Avidemux 2.4 but when i load the file it says they need re-ording or something, and after fixing it the movie plays on that program but when extracting the frames are reapeated and or back to front (far too much work).

    All ideas welcome thanks in advance

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    Most editing programs need vob files "ripped" or transcoded back to base file format - standard def dvd vobs transcode or rip to mpeg2.

    There can be a little visual loss during digital file transcoding but not that much. Be sure that you rip the vobs to highest quality - NTSC (US) is mpeg2 720X480. PAL is a different resolution but key is best possible.

    Then you should be able to slice and dice and edit the scenes as you care to and then you will need to re-render as a contiguous file ready for re-transcoding to dvd vob format.

    Yeah, you are transcoding the file three times but any loss should be minimal. I have used ULead video studio to rip, edit, render transcode and burn to dvd without appreciable visible loss of quality.

    Be sure at each step your converted is at highest available quality.

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