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Thread: A collection of clips I put together....

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    Default A collection of clips I put together....

    ..I don't know if anyone here likes cricket, but here is a video I put together...sorry about the quality, but it's the best I could do since the source clips were not brilliant.

    YouTube - Waqar Younis & Shoaib Akhtar (better quality)

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    Now Ignoring the quality for a moment, all I saw were some chaps playing cricket with music slapped on it, and a few bits of text and some fade through black dissolves.

    Plusses include consistency of the use of the dissolves, and the fact that they're not over the top, and the fact that for a change it's not video game or film footage. Although it is still a 'fan video'.

    The music didn't match the action/cuts enough for it to have been edited to the music, granted there are some sync points in there, but there's enough going on in the music and visuals for sync points to occur by fluke. So no merit points there I'm afraid.

    The font used for the text was a bit boring, but I like the fact that it wasn't OTT which to be honest would have been worse. But there could have been less text generally.

    Also, I wouldn't call yourself 'Elite video productions' just yet, especially as you obviously didn't produce any of the content, and they already exist in the UK and USA .... (unless you actually own the registered company, but looking at their work I would guess you're not them).

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    Oh bugger, I did'nt realise Elite Videos already existed....I was hoping to use this name for a small business of mine...should I remove the video?

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    Also, I only used this as a practice....just to get used transitions etc (I had to learn everything about Premier from scratch myself)...I tried Windows movie maker, but that was too basic. I love the fact we are able to use keyframes

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