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    Default My edited vids


    Here are a few of my edited vids:
    Madonna - 4 minutes (official video is not yet out):

    ( mod note - one film one thread please, other films removed, please read posting rules - ta)

    I do not have a video camera so I cannot produce full originals (these videos are edited from parts of originals which aren't mine) but, the effects and all differences from originals are mine.

    I would really like to hear your opinion since this is the place of people interested in video (and perhaps audio) editing.

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    wow, you're good.

    how did you get that effect for the madonna video where you have different footage on the same screen? I've been dying to learn how to do that.

    And the linkin park one is awesome! Great audio mixing! What program did you use? For both video and audio editing.
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    Well... for video editing (until now) I mostly use Vegas (and still researching because I started with this about 2 months ago).
    If I do music audio mixing (megamix) I do it separately with Adobe Audition, Soundforge, Decadance and some VST plugins.

    About Your question, I do not know which part of the video are You reffering to but it is mostly done with masking 2 clips in the same time period. Put one above the other, adjust them to fit the screen as You like and mask both to get 2 squares.

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    I was referring to the very beginning when the footage of madonna slid in between JT and Timbaland. And the bit where you got JT's face in those boxes of dancers in 1:30.
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    The video of Madonna is untouched (exc some effects) and positioned as the main track (in Vegas that's the video which is positioned lowest).
    From Timbaland and Justin's video I marked the part I needed, inserted 2 new video tracks and put that same part in both tracks (they have to start simultaneously). Than, I've masked (in Pan and Crop) one half of first one of them and second half of second one (just like You draw a line in the middle). After that You go to the Position track in "Pan and Crop" and adjust both "squares" to move in time (left to the left side and right to the right). If You've never done that before You'll find this tutorial a bit confusing (i should make a vid tutorial but I don't have time) but I'm sure if You play with this a bit You'll get it!

    As for Justin in boxes... I took the part I needed of Justin's video and put them in 3 new video tracks (and did that every time Justin appears exc when there is only one pic). I've masked all 3 videos into a box of a size of a box in Madonna Video and put (with position in Pan and crop) every part in its own box.

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    lol I use adobe premiere elements 4 but I will def try what you've just told me, thank you!

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    Wow, you have some skill! My favorite was the Linkin Park one, you used some kick ass effects! But the Paula Abdul one had the nicest flow! And you did a great job with 4 minutes as well. What do you use, if i may ask?
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    One thread - one film please.
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