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    I filmed a wedding reception recently. I used a 800watt redhead which was too bright and created harsh shadows on the subjects. I eventually turned it off to film the rest of the reception. Do i need two redheads? and how do I diffuse them properly or is there a more appropriate way of lighting weddings?

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    Di you try bouncing the light of the ceiling?
    Did the picture look that bad with the light off?

    I manage to get away with an IDX lite with my camera and the room looks OK

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    An 800w redhead is way, way too harsh for that sort of thing. I would suggest having a couple of smaller units, such as 300w fresnels, which you can tuck away in the corners and use to give the speeches a bit of bling. Oh, and get a softbox and dimmer for your redhead.

    The problem with large lights is that they tend to dominate the occasion and the punters get a bit miffed (understandably) when their "atmospheric" reception ends up with everyone walking around with scrunched up eyes and blinded.

    This is probably the only occasion when you can get away with an on-camera light, something soft like a Photon-Beard Hyperlight, or with plenty of diffusion to really cut down the intensity. In this situation getting the atmosphere is very important which you're not going to do with an 800w flood. If in doubt, turn up the gain a bit and just use additional lights to give the subjects a touch of bling.
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    Never point powerful lights at your subject, either bounce the light off a wall or ceiling as mentioned earlier if possible. Also use silver or gold reflectors held out of shot for close ups.

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    I wanted to say get rid of that 800wat but didnt want to upset the person.....

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    Are you using a diffuser? Everything you wanted to know about Premiere Elements and more

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    The lighting was average without the redhead.Which diffuser would you recommend? If I bought a set of 300w fresnels, would they need diffusion? All i need are a key and a fill light to add a little depth to the dancing at a wedding. I watched a local videographers wedding dvds. His lighting is perfect. He said he uses redheads but wouldn't tell me his lighting secrets.

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    Considor doing funerals instead - the dark look suits.

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    There are quite a few DIY light diffuser projects available on the internet. Most of what I have seen are home made, but you can buy diffusers at B&H Photo too. Everything you wanted to know about Premiere Elements and more

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    Hi Folks, i have looked at DIY lighting - but wanted to hear your views on purchasing filters and diffusers for wedding lighting.

    I wanted to purchase lighting filters for my Ianiro 800w redhead lights, which give emit a slight tungsten light at 3200k which happens to be quite a strong light as it has no filters or diffusers on it.

    Know, i tend to shoot Asian weddings whereby the colours that tend to be most used throughout are reds or reddish shades- in the wedding ceremony so i cant use a filter which is too blue/'daylighty' because it will kill the richness. It has also come to my attention that you cant purchase filters (to convert the 3200k yellowy light to a cooler 4300k light effect) which also work as a diffuser (to soften the light and decrease shadows).

    So, i have been recommended to go for a 'daylight blue frost' gel ... amp;type=0 which will increase softness and coolness slightly

    Or...go for a 718 diffuser and layer it with a 202 HALF CT BLUE filter which converts tungsten 3200k to daylight 4300k ... amp;type=0

    I am more concerned about softening shadows than i am getting a cooler colour temperature, but if i can do both, it would be a bonus. Would be good hearing your thoughts on this - and appreciate any advice or experiences.

    Thanks in advance,

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