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    Default The New College Handbook

    Everything you need to know for college in only ten minutes.

    This is a little piece of satire I produced a couple of years ago and would really appreciate any feedback. You can also check out some more of my work there as well.

    Thrillahill Productions



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    A little bit too long for my world class attention span, but a well scripted and witty video. Delivery from the actors was spot on. However, it was a shame that some of the framing was, in my opinion, a bit 'off'.

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    Default Framing

    You're spot on about the framing - some people just can't get behind the concept of parody. Oh they like the jokes and all but when you tell them it needs to be shot according to strict corporate / training video style they get a little despondent and rebellious on you.

    I only had two days to shoot the piece (they were the only days I could clear the locations) so I thought it best not to fight with the DP and keep the project moving.

    We all make sacrifices I guess but I won't be using that DP again.

    Oh and if you're ADD is acting up try this one. It's less than a minute

    Thrillahill Productions - No Country For Bored Men
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