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Thread: Sound editor for those on a budget?

  1. Default Sound editor for those on a budget?

    Ok, so I'm finally going to have a little money to get a dvd burner and some surround sound speakers.
    I'll have a little left, about fifty dollars. Is there a program for about that much that will allow me to edit the wind out of films, enhance certian noises, and make surround sound?
    Or am I dreamin'?

    edit to add -----------

    I looked at Cool Edit as reccomended in this thread, but it is now owned by Adobe and definately more than fifty dollars.
    I guess I could ebay...

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    Yep, Cool Edit is now Adobe Audition and retails at $299. Goldwave is closer to your budget. (Not a plugin, so output the audio as a WAV, play around, save and import back to project).

    Then there's audacity which is free.

    Take a look and see what google produces... for digital+audio+editor+noise+reduction
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    Yeah I've been looking through various google results all morning lol.
    Cool, I'll check those out, thanks.

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    Default Goldwav

    I can vouch for Goldwav - I played around for a short while and find it very user friendly and can do a surprising number of things.
    The tale of my death has been greatly exagerated

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