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    Hi guys, been browsing the site for a little while but i guess im kinda new. I'm currently running premier on my desktop with a lil handycam. Im going to university in september to study television production.

    when i go a want to take a laptop with me so i can take it with me to various places. I'm hopingto get a macbook as the uni's editing suites are mainly macs with final cut pro. The majority of cameras are HD.

    most of my editing work will be done on these edit suites but i was wondering if i did want to take a bit of my editing home to do on the macbook what kind of spec i would need?

    i plan on upgrading the ram to 4GB and buying a external hard drive (should this be firewire or will usb2 do?). so is all that matters now the speed of the processor? what do you guys recomend? thanks alot for your time,


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    I find f wire drives better - you dont need 800, 400 is fine.

    After that just get the fastest cpu you can - avoid the air - it appears to be a heavily compromised machine.

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    The macbook should be fine for your purposes. I would get the best CPU that i can afford (after you have maxed out the RAM). Good Luck!

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