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    I have some very basic editing I want to do. I have some DVDs comercially converted from a bunch of old cine films. I need to convert the VOB files to WMV format. There seems to be a plethora of conversion tools out there. Can someone please recommend a sold product be it free, share or commercial.
    (I have a reasonable spec' XP machine).

    Many Thanks

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    Microsoft do a free app called 'wimdows media convertor' - that should do it.

    Copy vobs to a hard drive. You may also need to rename the extensions from .vob to .mpg or .avi for te convertorto wrok - cant recall for sure.

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    Are you sure this exists? I cannot locate it. Cheers.

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    Try the VideoCharge.

    We already for a long time use it, and all ok.
    no free, but have trial.

    Except for that that is necessary to you, support: crop, split, join, cut, resize, watermark, create thumb and mor more ....

    Try download from

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