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  1. Smile just a simple question...

    im trying to add a mp3 to the video but everytime i try to add it it says "loading mp3 failed" and thats there some kind of format i gott make sure its in?i can listen to it just fine before i drop it in the line but once i drop it and hit play i get the error
    oh and im running VER-9 on this pc
    i have ultimate 11 on another pc if it would make is easier for me to use that
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    i got this that pretty much taken care of,i just played with the format till it worked....but something else i wanted to how do i make the chroma keying not look like ass?..i got lots of lights and its very bright and clear but everytime im in front and moving you can see lil'green line on me,or its very fuzzy all around me while i move...i tried playing with the setting ...but no matter what i do it just looks really really bad...and thats on 9&11...anyone have any tips that might help me out? or in studio just really really sucks for chroma keying let me know so i can get one thats better thanks!
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