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Thread: Well worth the wait...(not!)

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    Default Well worth the wait...(not!)

    I just downloaded Service Pack 1 for Vista earlier tonight (434.5MB) and what a waste of time that was; apart from updating some old files and apparently fixing some 'vunerabilites', that was about it.

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    Maybe they will do a service pack that makes it feel like xp but still be able to do all the behind the scenes clever 64 bit stuff vista is all about.

    I am so conservative i use xp in win2000 mode....

    I have only sat and used vista for an hour at a time a few times and I just dont get why I need it - pretty I tht, but so what?

    It was very different when i first tried xp affter win 98. I remember thinking wow this is nice to use and shock horror it didnt crash, ever. (not ever as in infinity obviously, but easily good enough).

    And I so wanted to want vista....

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