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Thread: stills camera avi HELP

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    Default stills camera avi HELP

    i've captuerd quite a bit of really good footage using the video mode on my canon ixus 400 still camera and i want to use this footage in premier pro for a project,but when i try to open the avi file in premier i am told it is an unsupported file type/compression.
    can anyone advice me on what to do? has anyone encountered this problem?
    please help!

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    A) Start a new project using the video for windows settting (I think it's called this, but basically, don't choose a DV project). And set your project settings to match those of your video (install AVIcodec to find these out).



    1) Download and install the panosonic DV codec
    2) Install VirtualDub
    3) run the AVI through VirtualDub and encode usingv the DV codec#
    4) import this to your project
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    update: just got home and loaded up Premiere - the option I mentioned is under the custom setting tab (change DV to Video for Windows). There may be an issue with the video being only 15fps.
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