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    As advised by some of you kind people, I have attempted to use Windows Movie Maker, to delete some poor shots of my video recordings. I was having great difficulty deleting these shots, maybe due to my age, and three of you kind posters, suggested I try Windows Movie Maker. I have tried Windows Movie Maker 2, and believe I have deleted some of the shots, but this has given me another problem now. Now that I think I have deleted these clips, I find that when I attempt to preview the video in storybook or timeline, the actual video is NOT visible in the viewing section. You can hear the video, but cannot see it.
    I have tried the help advice of the software, by clicking on the view, at the top, and selecting either timeline or storybook, and having tried both, I still cannot get a visible preview of the video. If I have missed anything obvious in Windows Movie Maker, I apologise, but I have been trying for a day or so, to rectify this without success. Many thanks to all who take the time to help me.

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    Sorry but you better be laughing - because after reading my post youll be crying!

    Throughout the tomb filled pages of the internet you will find many dozens of people with the same problem. This issue affect my PC for months after I installed a game that required codec to be installed. Foolishly I didnt make a restore point in Windows because after removing the game the problem was still there. So I went about uninstalling other games and s/w. Still no luck.

    Then I though it might be a problem codec somewhere. So I downloaded a host of codec utilities and analysed the codecs on my system, deleting them one at a time. Still no luck. So I deleted them all and tried again! No the problem persisted.

    At the end of my tether and a deadline fast approaching I was contemplating removing windows and reinstalling everything from scratch! This was going to become very painful!

    Then before I was about to wipe everything, I though maybe just maybe, it maybe the graphic drivers. Surely not I hear you ask! I had the latest drivers installed. I checked and they were so - to find that they were 1 version old. So I downloaded the latest drivers. Installed those and tried again. Still I could hear the music/sounds but could not see the video.

    So I uninstalled all my gfx drivers and went back to a bearbone windows. This was painful as I had to reactivate Windows again.

    I then reinstalled my original gfx drivers from the CD which came with the graphics card and the videos starting showing again!

    Therefore, I suggest that you analyse what the problem is and at the very least you remove the current gfx devices fro:

    Windows Menu -> Control Panel -> System

    Hardware Tab -> Device Manager

    Uninstall Display Adapters

    Reboot the system.

    Reinstall the original display adapter from your CD and try that.

    WARNING: Disclaimer this may not solve your problem and trying the above method is something you should only do if you are prepared to have sleepless nights or have exhausted every other logical pattern of resolution you are aware of!

    Oh and good luck.

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    Thanks for that information CamCoat. Have done what you suggested but to no avail. Still cannot view the edited video in the preview screen, can only hear the sound. Have tried numerous other things as well with no result. I do hope I am assuming correctly, in this matter. After dragging the clips into the timeline/storyboard part of the software, and deleting what needs to be deleted, I then return the timeline/storyboard sequence back to the start. I then click on the first clip, and press the play on the timeline/storyboard section. This results in the marker of the preview window, moving slowly but correctly, but NO visual effects, only sound effects. Thanks for your help.

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    I don't really use Windows Movie Maker for editing as such, and when I use it at all, it's to convert uncompressed AVI into .wmv for uploading to the internet.

    It doesn't work at all on my internet computer, but I've just opened it on the editing one, to see if I could think what could be causing the no video image problem.

    If you click Tools, followed by Options, then click the Compatability tab at the top, there should be a list of video filters which Movie Maker can disable when it's running. Mine's got a list of several, due to other applications I have on the computer, and the boxes are checked against all of them (manly relating to Adobe software).
    If there was anything in this list on your computer, and (if there is anything) the box next to it wasn't checked, this might cause the lack of video.
    You could click Restore All Defaults and see if it makes any difference (make a note of what it's like first in case it makes it worse)

    The only other thing I can think of is to do with Windows Media Player. I don't know how closely related this is to Movie Maker, but you could experiment with the quality settings for the player and see if this cures the Movie Maker problem.
    (open windows movie maker, click Tools, then Performance, then Advanced).
    I don't know if changing any settings here will make any difference, but if nothing else works, it might be worth having a play with the Video Acceleration settings to see if it fixes anything. Unless it works perfectly well as it is, I uncheck the "Use High Quality Mode" option which often cures a glitch or two.

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