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Thread: LEGEND OF THE FIST kung fu film!

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    Default LEGEND OF THE FIST kung fu film!

    Hi, i'm a new member and i really wanted to show off the editing in these episodes of my series, LEGEND OF THE FIST:

    episode 1:
    episode 2:
    episode 3:

    the first episode isn't so great but the second episode has a great kung-fu fight in it, and the third episode has some totally awesome special effects!

    any feedback appreciated, as long as it doesn't conern the (admittedly terrible) audio in episode 1.


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    Thought there were some funny moments in these.

    And I thought the acting was way above a lot I've seen.

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    Absolutely terrible!

    I loved it! You know what's wrong, so I won't list all the faults. Hopefully it was fun to make and thanks for sharing it. Spoofs are difficult to do properly, they tend to fall down because the actors don't take the role seriously and you've fallen into this trap. Overacting is easy, acting the role as though you believe it isn't but is really worth going to the effort.

    Please, please keep going. You're gonna give a lot of people a lot of entertainment.

    (but you really need to sort your sound out)

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    nice editing... im new here too.. looking forward to post some of my edited videos

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