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    I am just wondering, i've been curious about this for a while. How do you give video that movie effect? Like you watch a movie in a theater and it looks like a movie. How do you make it so that video you shoot looks like a movie? Is it the camera? or is it in the editing stage?

    If it's a camera, then it's probably really expensive. Is there any way around that? Is there like a certain effect you can do it with?

    I have Adobe Premiere CS3, along with after effects, an another program called Magix Movie edit pro.

    Thank you

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    i know what you mean, you do it with the camera settings, when i did work in college on cannon XL1 cameras, you go through the menu onto camera settings and change it to frame mode. don't think you can make it movie like any other way through editing.

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    One of the things that give movies that great film look is very expensive cameras and lenses, spend $30,000 dollars on a camera and see what you get Film is also shot in 24p and many times they soften the look with lenses and effects in post. Overall you might be able to get a similar look but never will achieve perfection without spending lots of money.

    Do a Google search for The Film Look and see what you come up with, some good ideas and tips to try, here's one Shoot Video to Look Like Film Everything you wanted to know about Premiere Elements and more

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    Shallow depth of field is the one thing IMO that separates movie cameras from video cameras.

    And consumer cams are engineered to give you a large depth of field. Everything's in focus, and there is no way to really get over that.

    But in the movies they are always pulling focus to draw your attention between parts of the scene

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