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Thread: JVC Everio to PC then burn to DVD help please!

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    Default JVC Everio to PC then burn to DVD help please!

    Hi all.

    (Apologies to Hardware forum - I posted this there by mistake!)

    Before you start reading this post I must warn you – it’s a big one. I have quite a few questions that I am sure someone will be able to answer for me. Running Windows XP. Having just upgraded (a gift) to JVC Everio I was delighted to learn that I could transfer the footage directly onto PC – jiggle it around and create a ‘movie’ add photos, other videos from the PC , make titles and produce a wonderful DVD! Sounded great! Well…. Having learnt the straight forward bit – transfers to PC – I was unable to find any drivers (now you are thinking thicko – but I am a novice – and very very stressed, I had presumed my PC would search for new hardware – but no – and JVC isn’t even listed in the drop down options for capture devices) It appeared to be a straight forward plug and play (at the moment using USB but waiting for firewire lead) using the software that was supplied by JVC. = PowerCinema. This copies the files and puts them neatly away in a folder. Now, when I try and put them into Windows Movie Maker it will not accept the files – I have therefore purchased software WinAvi converter to convert the files before moving over. Raced away editing and adding titles – all looked great. Then I tried to add some videos taken on Nokia Phone – will play back through Nokia Video viewer, and Quicktime – but will absolutely NOT under any circumstances playback through Windows. I have concerted the files, first by opening in Nokia Suite then resaving to MP4 as that was the only option available – the converting through WinAvi to WMV. That allowed it to transfer to Windows Movie but without any audio. So, I thought, ok – not to worry – will sort that another time – let’s just burn this DVD. (This is after bout 3 days work!!) The total footage only came to approximately 20 minutes! I tried Imgburn to burn first – but although that did actually go to DVD it simply would not playback on any device! Disc unreadable I kept getting – I used DVD-RW thinking that would be ok as I’d be able to clear the disc and try again – but no – wouldn’t erase. Wasted about 4 discs! Then I tried Sonic, MYDvdLE – this appear to start working although the Transcoding took bloomin’ ages, then Audio, Planning, Ordering, bBuilding, Preparing and Erasing and then finally got to Writing files – thought at last we’re here. Well …. It’s been trying to write files for the last 24 hours now. I’ve given up now – how difficult can this be. If you have had time to read through this then you are the person to help me… please??? Very unhappy and v.v. SM L

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    Read JVC Everio - Cameragirl

    on the Sound Recording and Audio Editing section, you may find some pointers on there. If not post again.

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