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Thread: DV-In Function Not Working!!!!

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    Default DV-In Function Not Working!!!!

    I am using Adobe Premiere Pro 2.

    I connect my IEEE1394 into my camera but the DV-IN doesnt seem to be working, even though it has a DV-IN text indicator on my camera (VX2100).

    Any suggestions guys?
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    The only thing I can think of is maybe the camera settings. Are there any instructions, either with the camera or the software that tell you how to do it ?

    I've only used this facility once, and I might have set the camera on the Record setting instead of playback. I was using PP 1.5 not 2, so I don't know how similar it is. On mine, I think it was File, then Export to Tape. I don't know what I did next but it worked.

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