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Thread: is it possible to use a jvc everio as a webcam

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    Default is it possible to use a jvc everio as a webcam

    there aint no feature for it, but there must be a way.

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    yes there is a way,

    try looking for some third party software, or maybe even the camera set up in programs such as skype?

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    sorry but you'll have to explain, i still dont get it, this camcorder has a usb out put and av for the tv but the usb is for transfering or playing back through the pc but i dont see how it could be used as a cam, like some digital cameras where u can change the usb setting to pc cam, there isnt the feature on this, but the fact that you can play the films through the usb cable onto the pc just made me thinkj maybe there was a way, but i dont understand what u mean by software, what kind.

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