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Thread: Do I need Software with a Firewire connection

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    I've lost the software disc that came with my JVC GR D40 EK camcorder. I was wondering if I could connect the camcorder to a laptop/PC using just a Firewire lead without any software as recommended by the JVC helpline when I was querying the software. I've spoken to a few computer shop assistants who gave me contrasting answers - some say I dont need camcorder software - just plug in and go, some say yes, I do need to link the cam to the PC first with software.

    I dont presently have the Firewire lead - so wanted to know if I should invest in one (i know they're cheap) or go ahead and be ripped off by JVC's spares company to obtain a copy of the software CD @ 21.00 GBP and use with USB leads.

    I've never transferred camcoder material to PC then burn to DVD's but its something I wanna do now.

    PS if anyone could advise on any quality issues I may need to know about re transferring the images etc.

    Appreciate all comments and answers!!


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    With MiniDV and firewire you shouldn't need any 'special' JVC software.

    just the firewire cable (and card for you pc users) and iMovie (or WMM if you must) will see the camera and import/export your footage.

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    In the Device Manager in Win XP, you will see the driver for Firewire is a bog standard Microsoft driver, mine is dated 01/07/2001 or is that 07/01/2001? And it works fine. So just make sure your OS has the Microsoft driver installed.

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    I don't install anything that's on the driver discs that came with my JVC cameras (GR-DX57, 67 etc) and the computer detects them fine when connected with firewire. Just make sure the camcorder isn't already switched on when you connect the leads, as there's a risk of damaging the camera firewire port.

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