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    Greetings, after receiving my Sony ex1 Iíve been playing around with some of itís different functions and decided to try and make a short by just using the lens in the macro setting. Itís just a little mess around using toy soldiers and a fake set I bodged together on the edge of my pc table (sand has gone everywhere) and decided Iíd post the results seeing as I havenít seen much macro footage from the ex1 online and thought it may be of interest to someone.

    Anyway if you can, check it out and I hope you enjoy. This is my first time posting a video here, so errrmí be easy on me but please feel free to comment!!!

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    I really liked that, the image quality was amazing i watched it fullscreen on a 22" monitor and it was like watching dvd quality.
    Considering you were just messing around it looked like you put a fair bit of time and effort int it. great work would like to see more.
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    Sony EX1... That sounds fantastic (A little out of my league) But I saw the specs on the sony site, yum!

    Sorry, can't watch your vid here, Work firewall won't allow vimeo :(

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    As a "play with macro" I really liked it. The sound was superb. Full use of the stereo drums, effects and music. The editing was in harmony with the music and rhythm, not everybody can get this and you did it really well. The images were also well lit, composed and the focus was just where it should be. I would have liked to have seen a bit of "playing" with focus shifts but that's just me!

    My only criticism (and it's not really a criticism, more of what I would have done differently) is that it's a tad long. Also, at the end, I feel it would have more impact if the music fades out at the end of the verse, rather than at the end of the second line of the new verse. If you get what I'm trying to say.

    There was no need to be "easy on you" as the whole thing was a pleasure to watch. Thanks for sharing it with us.

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    L really enjoyed that - superbly made. I really felt for those toy soldiers - brilliantly captured / evoked emotions.

    More like this please.

    Loved the irony. I feel inspired to do something macro now! (never work with children or insects - we shall see)

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    Thank you all for your comments, they are really appreciated. Guru, thank you for your constructive criticism, as my first short film it realy helps to see what works and what doesnt work to the most important people; the audience. Originally i shot it against a green screen to add in some real sky and had a few pull focuses in their but i was dissapointed to find out after effects doesnt work with native ex1 files and thats the only program on my pc i have that can pull a decent key (i tried with vegas but no luck). The pull focuses worked well except im using a really rubbish jessops tripod and even breathing courses it to shake so i had to cut out all physical contact with the camera (except for the dramatic pans where i used a fast shutter for desired affect which masks the un-steadiness). But yeh i guess it worked out ok and hearing all of your comments makes me want to film more shorts so thank you

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    Amazing Quality!


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