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Thread: Need to create these effects.. which sw ?

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    Default Need to create these effects.. which sw ?


    I need to create such effects in my vidoes:

    * Insert clips from different videos together

    * When a video is running, mix a video im a small clip on top right corner.. (just like a news channel)

    * slow down video, and move text around in normal speed when video is slowed down

    * Change colors of scenes, like make it grayscale, or green or any other color

    * Mix scenes from two separate videos using transparency (like greenscreen.. a person is standing and moving normally in front of greenscreen and I replace the green background with any other video clip that I have)

    * Create cloning scenes (like two clips of the same person on the same scene.. clones)

    Which software would help me create such videos? I heard Adobe Premier is good enough but Im not sure about that greenscreen and cloning scenes.

    Also please give me some links of tutorials on making those greenscreens and clonings.

    Thank you!

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    Yes Adobe Premiere Pro 2 or CS3 will do all of the things you want including greenscreen removal. Download a 30 day trial of it (and other editors listed here on the forum) and see which one you like best. A cheaper alternative would be Adobe Premiere Elements 3 or 4, which is a cut down version of APP2 or CS3.

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    Im having real trouble downloading stuff from Adobe's website. Seems like that Adobe Download Manager is not working good for me. It keeps giving server error. Ive looked around a lot on Adobe's website but couldn't solve the problem.

    Do you think there might be any other place from where I can download the trial version?

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    ok ok i downloaded it. thanks for your help.

    but does anyone know some tutorials on these adobe softwares.. like some tips on how to create those greenscreen effects

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