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Thread: Video Editing HELP!!!!!

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    Angry Video Editing HELP!!!!!

    Hi there,

    I have just subscribed to this forum, in the hope of som e advice on video editing.
    I am an elderly, retired man, who has many camcorder video's to transfer onto DVD, but, due to some bad shots, they require editing. There comes the problem.
    I have subscribed to AVS4YOU software, having previously tried Pinnacle, and some other software, but I CANNOT get the hang of deleting the parts of the video I don't require. I have been trying to do this for several weeks, and I am finding it impossible. I seem to follow the AVS4YOU instructions to a TEE, but when I save the video, and then replay it back, there is never any part of it deleted. I do buld, service and repair PC's as a hobby, but this deleting has got me beat. PLEASE can someone offer some advice on this matter, and IF there is a software programme which is easy to use, in the deleting factor, please inform me, which is the easiest.
    Many thanks to all who are willing to help an O.A.P.

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    Hi XPC465... Not a AV expert by any means but Im an IT professional.

    I tend to use Virtualdub a freeware program to cut my clips once I have them on the PC. Its very easy to do. Just move two markers START and END to the places on the movie where you want to keep everything in between. You can do this for each segment in a clip. You can also queue up the jobs and then leave the PC to do them as a batchjob. (Dont have much exp of batch jobs).

    Furthermore, because I deal with GB files I tend to want to save them as an avi after compressing them with a codec which VD is great at!

    The other thing I use is Windows Movie Maker. Dont know how similiar it is to AVS4YOU but all you need to do in that is clip on the part of the clip you want to remove and use the SPLIT command under TOOLs. First at the beginning or the bit you want to cut and then at the end.
    Windows MM uses a storyboard to display the length of the clip being edited so perhaps its the save for your s/w.

    Im looking to get a better editing suite too in the next week as WMM has surpassed my needs!

    Good luck. Oh and a hint from someone a bit younger than you. Dont get mad, get the solution. If you feel you are getting wound up because things are going right. Stop what youre doing and look for a solution by reading these pages. Its better than getting frustrated - but I bet you already knew that!

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    Have you tried using Windows Movie Maker 2? You can either capture or import the cllips you already have on the computer into WMM2 and drag them to the timeline at the bottom of the screen. Then you can select the areas you want to delete using the SPLIT command and delete it. Then drag the clip on the right to the clip on the left to close the gap.

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    For a very much more precice way of deleting exactly the parts of a video you don't want, you could try Adobe Premiere Elements. If you can get version 2, I'd say this was the easier one to use. It still turns up on ebay for a reasonable price.

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    Many, many thanks to ComCoat, Nokosony and TheTwelveQuidKid, for you suggestions and advice. It is very much appreciated, and I will try your suggestions in the hope of overcoming the difficulty I am having with editing.

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    Simple digital editing of home movies isn't at all difficult once you get familiar with the program's user interface, work space including timelines and then steps for "trimming" or setting scene in and out points before adding them to the project in the workspace timeline.

    I'll use ULead as an example since I have used several versions of their consumer program called Video Studio - most all of them work about the same.

    Start with a two hour old VHS or 8mm home video tape that you have captured as a long video file - say as mpeg2 720X480.

    With ULead you would click on "new project" and then click on open files and open your home movie file.

    When you click on that file it will auto appear in the viewing window in the workspace. All you do is click on play and watch your video and when you identify the place where you want to use the video click on Stop and then click on the "button" for clip start point. Click play again and when you get to a place where you want that scene to stop click the button for clip stop point. You can find exact in/out points using frame by frame buttions.

    When that clip is exactly sized the way you want the click on "Apply" and that scene is set. Then you just drag and drop it into the timeline.

    Click back on the original file and the program will allow you to go to next scene bypassing the "bad video" and you pick in/out points for next acceptable scene of video and when in/out points identified click on apply and then drag and drop that scene into the timeline.

    It's difficult to type out these simple steps in a post that I could show you in a few minutes if we were sitting together but take the word of another old and retired guy that with a little pratice and determination you will master the steps and realize this stuff is not difficult - just something new to get familiar with like any new to you task - like first time you replaced plugs and distributor cap in a older car or first time you replaced the innards of a toilet or a faucet washer or most any task with a few steps that appears daunting til you do it a couple of times.

    The good thing is you can't permanently hurt your raw or original video files and can do and re-do til you like it.

    Next thing will be finish the editing and then go on to open your editing program in a dvd creation program and learn to build chapter menus and etc.

    Final thought from someone who has created about 75 dvd volumes of family home movies KEEP YOUR ORIGINAL unedited files and save them on dvd data discs and then save your rendered edited programs NOT CONVERTED TO DVD VOB FILES on dvd data discs. Only then created dvd programs for viewing on dvd players.

    Take my word that some day you or your kids or their kids will appreciate having the raw footage to look at and perhaps re-edit themselves.

    ALSO remember that when you go to create single layer capacity dvd programs (4.7Gig media) that the dvd creation adds overhead to the program so you can only have about 3.8 to 4 Gig of video content for it to convert to a dvd program and fit on a blank disc.
    Ask tons of questions and enjoy turning your old home video to disc before it is too late!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by XPC465 View Post
    PLEASE can someone offer some advice on this matter, and IF there is a software programme which is easy to use, in the deleting factor, please inform me, which is the easiest.
    Many thanks to all who are willing to help an O.A.P.


    I'm use for it VideoCharge, easy and fast soft.

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    Many thanks imjay, it was good of you to take the time to explain the workings of U lead to me. I have a copy of U Lead 8 in my software, so I will print off your instructions, and follow them, in a hope of overcoming these difficulties of editing.
    Once again many thanks.

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    Sorry I rattled on so long. I've personally used Vide Studio versions 6, 9 and 10plus.

    Main point I wanted to make is you should just be patient and experiment and if you bump into a question you can always ask here and, for sure, you should register at and gain access to the Video Studio forums where you can get good answers to all questions from interested and experienced people.

    Once you get your video scenes defined and in the timeline remember you can experiment with adding simple scrolling credits and dvd intro graphics - like family name and year or topics and Volume Number - and even try dragging dropping transitions between scene clips. Simple fades and pushes and drops and disolves can be fun to play with (though I stuck with simple cuts between scenes.

    When done click on what ever the menu button is for finishing the project and select render as mpeg2 720X480 so the finished program will be ready to open in dvd creation program.

    Experiment with the ULead and before long the "lightbulb" will go off and you be off and editing and getting better and better at it.
    goodluck - please keep us posted.

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