I bought a Sony HandyCam DCR-HC19E in October 2005 from Amazon. I have not used it much, just for holidays/special occasions etc and have taken good care of it. Last week, for no reason, the screen went red, and since then it has gone black and will not record or play back anything. After doing a spot of research, I found that a lot of Sony HandyCams had been recalled for a problem similar to this. I telephoned Sony, they said it sounded like a CCD chip error (the reason why so many of their HandyCams were recalled) but as it was one of the few models of HandyCam that were not on their recall list, they could do nothing about it. I am so annoyed - it just seems too much of a coincidence that so many models (including the HC18 and HC20) were recalled... and the HC19E gets the same problem over the same time period and Sony refuse to acknowledge it!

Has anybody else encountered a similar problem... any advice would be appreciated, thanks.