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    Almost every webmaster in any event deals with video content. Very often there is a need to cut or convert videos, make thumbnails, etc. So, I think it will be helpful to give the readers a brief description of the main functionalities that our products have.


    Videocharge is a multifunctional application for processing of a large quantity of video files.

    The basic features are:

    cutting audio/video files into given number of parts, by time, by size and by scenes
    conversion of files (almost all parameters of conversion can be modified)
    joining videos or their parts

    It is also possible to perform the following actions:

    resize of frames
    extraction of a required frame part only (e.g. cropping a logo or black stripes)
    applying filters (blur, sharpen; changing color balance, brightness, contrast, etc)
    adding logotypes (text or graphical watermarks)
    creation of thumbnails (a thumbnail can be created out of any frame of a file of any supported format; the crop and resize operations can be performed and filters can be applied to the thumbnail straight away)

    Built-in editor enables to operate with file segments, select parts of a file to be joined/splitted/converted. For processing multiple files of the same format we've developed "Without Re-compression" algorithm that hastens cutting, extracting and joining operations due to the lack of decoding and further encoding.

    The names of the produces files can be defined by means of dynamic variables: source file name, parent folder name, date, order number, etc.

    Watermark Master

    Watermark Master is an application intended for adding static and dynamic watermarks (logotypes) and converting video files from one format to another. The program possesses totally different interface that has been specially developed for more handy work with watermarks.

    The main features are:

    adding logotypes (text, rectangle/ellipse, blur area, picture, animated GIF, video, etc)

    For the text you can set all basic attributes (font, color, size, etc.) as well as rotation angle, transparency and stroke width. From version 1.1 it becomes possible to fill the text with a pattern or gradient. The text can contain dynamic variables: source file name, source file size, date, etc. Furthermore, there is a special watermark type - creeping line.
    For every watermark one can define time of displaying, which enables to add watermark to the part of a video. The beginning and ending of watermark drawing can be protracted for a preset time, which produces an effect of gradual appearance and disappearance. The following effects can be applied to the watermarks: Stroke, Bevel and Emboss, Drop Shadow, 3D and Curvature.

    blurring areas of an image with ability to set the blur strength
    removing static objects from an image

    Watermark Master provides ability to remove static objects from a video frame or graphics file. The removed pixels are filled up with ones, adjacent to the object being removed. That functionality is applicable for removing logotypes, codec artifacts and other unwanted objects.

    creation of thumbnails

    In the next versions of the product we’ll improve and complete the montage block. But now there is an ability to extract the necessary scenes and remove unnecessary ones, insert video scenes and replace audio streams.

    Both products enable to process folders with files recursively and support the following formats:

    MPEG-1/2 (including VCD, SVCD), DVD (including .vob files), TS
    MOV - QuickTime Video/Audio (*.mov, *.qt, *.3gp)
    MPEG-4 (*.mp4)
    RM - RealMedia (*.rm)
    FLV - Flash Video (*.flv), SWF - Small Web Format (*.swf)
    WAV, MP3

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