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    I have imported the m2ts files I got from my sony camera into sony vegas and I made a montage of those files with transitions and stuff. Now I want to make a mpeg file to burn it to dvd. Here comes the problem. When I make such an mpeg file, the output vid is very bad altough I chose best in the rendering option screen.
    It seems as if the video is blinking when there is a lot of movement or when there are a lot of horizontal lines f.e. on buildings.
    Does anyone know how to solve this? Can I do something to get a nice looking dvd?

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    This is probably an interlacing problem. Below is a recent post from a thread on this issue on the Sony Vegas forums that I saved off.

    Worth checking to see if you have an interlace method set on your project properties or not.

    EDIT: Also worth checking your project and render field dominance settings.

    When you are going from HD interlaced to SD interlaced, the deinterlace method you select doesn't matter because the footage doesn't actually get deinterlaced.

    What is important is that you select a deinterlace method. If you don't each frame will be treated as if it was progressive and resized, interlace comb edges and all. This really looks terrible at any point where there is motion.

    For some reason, Vegas looks at the "select deinterlace method" tab and decides whether it is going to resize the video as a single frame or as separate even and odd line frames based upon whether or not this tab is checked. Thus it is really important to check this tab if the footage is interlaced and equally important not to select it if the footage is progressive. This is confusing to most people because it is natural to assume that this tab only affects deinterlacing. This is not actually the case. This tab also affects interlaced to interlaced resizes and progressive to progressive resizes.

    If no deinterlace method is selected and you resize interlaced footage, you will get horrible looking squiggles during fast motion. If the footage is progressive and you select a deinterlace method, you will lose half your vertical resolution during any resize. This is not mentioned in the manual or help files anywhere. I only know it because it was what I realized when I tried to figure out why I was having so much trouble with resizes in Vegas.

    It doesn't make any sense to me that Vegas does it that way, but I have done enough tests to be very confident that that is indeed what Vegas does.


    Let me simplify this a little:
    If you are working on a project with only interlaced video, ALWAYS select a deinterlace method (blend fields or interpolate based upon your preference). This will ensure that all your renders, both interlaced and progressive will come out properly.

    If you are working on a project with only progressive video, NEVER select a deinterlace method since it will chop your vertical resolution in half during any renders that involve resizing.

    If you are doing a project that is a mix of interlaced and progressive footage, the best compromise is to select a deinterlace method since chopping the vertical resolution in half on the progressive parts doesn't look anywhere near as bad as the resized interlace comb (squiggle) will on the interlaced parts.

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    I cant comment on hdv to sd conversion in interalce as I dont do hdv. I would suggest as a more general comment that interlaced footge viewed on a PC monitor always looks 'torn'.

    PC monitors do not display interlaced footage properly - TVs do.

    If you are changing the speed of a video or using track motion then deinteralcing the video will reduce the tearing.

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    I tried with turing on the interlace option to blend fields but that didn't change a lot. What do you mean with those render field dominance settings?

    Secondly, the blinking thing I am talking about is when I try to play it on a regular dvd player hooked up to my tv. So, it's not only on the pc but also on a normal tv.
    It has to be something with the rendering I guess... But I can't believe that all people have this issue otherwise it won't be possible to work with HD and burn it to dvd.

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    Let's start with some basics.

    1] What camera?

    2] What capture method? Interlaced "I" or Progressive *P* ? Or some "form" of progressive? Does "m2ts " tell us I or P?

    3] Also how was your Vegas project setup to CAPTURE this footage?

    4] Exactly what was your render template?

    5] What are the Media properties of any of the dodgy footage?

    Need more info - yeah?

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