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Thread: computer software for original soundtrack

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    Default computer software for original soundtrack

    is there any kind of software that allows you to create music directly off of your computer, as in without any type of guitar or keyboard hooked up to it? I just need to create a simple Original Score for this film I am making and I am not sure where to start.


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    Fruity Loops lets you use your computer keyboard as a controller for digital music and has a lot of different types of instruments you could use.

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    Garage Band if you are on Mac.

    You could maybe get hold of Reaper which is fairly cheap for PC. Then use this with free Virtual Instruments from KVRAudio .


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    There are a number of relatively inexpensive programmes that allow you to create quite realistic music by using short pre-recorded loops. You simply 'paint' the loops onto a timeline.

    Garageband on the mac, as manike suggests is a favourite, but several others exist for the PC, including Sony Acid, Steinberg Sequel etc. I believe there is an apple program specifically for this task called something like 'soundtrack', but I've never tried it.

    The biggest issue is finding loops that fit the mood of your video work.

    Royalty free music is available at a range of prices. Another possibility is to get a friend who is a musician to compose the music for you.

    Music composition can be very complicated. Keep it simple, unless you want to get into a whole new field of knowledge.


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    Sony Acid is what i use for short quick sounds/ music clips. But it is pretty complicated to learn and is VERY difficult to make full length music for movies. But it is possible...

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