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Thread: Which s/w best fits these requirements?

  1. Default Which s/w best fits these requirements?


    Im finally looking to obtain one of the industry packages to do my video editing/compiling.

    Ive never used: Pinnacle Studio, Sony V&M, Adobe Premiere or anything else for that matter. Just stuck with moviemaker.

    Basically, I want the following from any of the above or other packages:
    - Ability to import, edit, cut, merge, overlay avi's or other user generated windows video files.
    - Want lots of different transitions
    - Want lots of title effects i.e. flaming text, words that can be animated to move across screen different ways
    - Support different resolutions. Moviemaker has maxium of 756x? or something like that.
    - Ability to import different formats inc: avi, wmf, mpeg-1/2 etc
    - Want ability to layer more than one set of titles, sounds, movies, pics on the screen at the same time.
    - Want to be able to treat soundtrack independently of the movie its part of if possible.

    What would be the best suited for the above requirements?

    Ive gone through each marketing page for each product and Im not convinced that their claims are what I expect them to be so, Im asking owners and users of their opinions.

    Basically, I want something that has lots of transitions and allows for powerful editing of avi's and DV imports. I want to be able to add lots of different effects also to titles and subtitles as well.

    Any opinions will be greatly appreciated as I cant seem to find any demos to download for these items.

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    Sony Vegas or Adobe Premiere would do you fine. I wouldn't put having lots of transitions or effects at the top of my shopping list, most of them are useless and tacky. A stronger narrative, more 3 dimensional characters, more camera angles, different shot sizes (vista to TCU - tight close up + reaction shots, cutaways and cut ins) and steadier shots. Also a good soundtrack is better than having a video peppered with transitions anyday.

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    I hear you, but most of the time I will just be editing the movies that Im given. I may from time to time need to capture action from a PC desktop, but thats not my issue.

    Main issues are being able to deal with variety of resolution from low grade to high. Mostly though it will be 1024x768 32bit. Also I will be using alot and I mean ALOT of text on screen which I want to be able to manipulate in many different ways: I.e flaming, change colour, motion from one font to another, so the transitions really need to be text based, but also I made tranist from one jpeg to another, so I want to be able to effect text and pictures. Not so much from one video segment to another.

    Lastly, I want to be able to overlap (layer) video feed ontop of another as a transition. Or play one video within another.

    Do any of the above suites cater for the above?

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