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    I am new to video editing I am working on a little project but don't intend on becoming pro. Using Premiere 6.0

    I thought if I plug in my camera and play the footage premiere would show it in it's monitor! Not so easy it seems.

    I am walking through the help capture check list. And am preparing for DV capture.

    1. Status reads Off line

    2.Device Control - DV device Control 2.0, should this not be my camera?

    3. my pc is not recognizing my camera when using fire cable.

    4. It does recognise the camera when using usb.


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    You need to set the camcorder to VCR or playback mode (what make and model do you have?) and make sure the Firewire cable is plugged in correctly to both the camcorder and computer. Don't use USB. It's been a while since I last used Premiere 6 and can't remember the exact steps, so I can only give general advice from here on. Depending on your make of camcorder you may see it's name listed as Sony, Panasonic or JVC etc, but not the actual number.

    So just click on the company name or you may have to click on Generic if nothing else is available. The problem with selecting Generic is you may have to control the camcorder manually by pressing the start and stop buttons yourself. What spec is your computer in terms of how much memory does it have, what speed does the processor run at and how much free space is on your hard disk right now?

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    I set the cam to VCR, Don't see any models listed? Not sure why but my cam is not recognised with firewire, I don't think the is anything wrong wth the calbe.

    -Panasonic NV-DS65
    -1.5 g memory, 64 bit processor
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    Here is where I show my personal limitations re learning software user interfaces.

    How many cameras for your project?

    I tried using Premiere version 6.5 and found the user interface just too hard to learn and master.

    I found I could do everything for my editing projects with much easier to use consumer level editing programs which have come a looooooong way.

    Yes, firewire only way to capture dv quality video but that's no big deal (so long as you have a firewire port on your PC - if you don't then get one!)

    I've used ULead Video Studio (as an example) and edited together six camera views of a three hour program all in sync to a separately recorded and mixed soundtrack so let me suggest you download the trial versions of some of the better consumer programs - Adobe, Pinnacle and ULead all offer them - and see if they have the features to handle your project.

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    Interesting points, and as I am not looking to go pro, of benefit to me!

    I down loaded ULead, I am now not able to do what I would have thought to be a very easy task! How can save a project as a mov/Quick Time file? There doesn't seem to be any options for this??


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