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Thread: External source problem for a sharp camcorder

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    Default External source problem for a sharp camcorder

    OK, bear with me.

    I have a sharp vlwd255u that I purchased from the US of A some years ago. Recently I've been filming motorbikes and the other day I purchased a budget 420 line headcam from dogcam, confident that the camcorder manual said I could record from an external source and that it had the right inputs and outputs (s-video and 3 phono).

    The headcam works, I plugged it into the AV sockets of my TV and I get a great picture (and sound) using the phono cables supplied.

    The camcorder sends to an external source - I can display my miniDV recordings on the TV. It also receives signals from an external source - I have a portable DVD player (Toshiba, also purchased in the US) with which I can send the image to the camcorder using a s-video cable. So the principle is there.

    However, this is where it falls down. I cannot receive the headcam signal on the camcorder using phono. I've also tried sending other phono signals to the camcorder - my Wii and PS2 for example. I have also been unable to test receiving other s-video signals because I've run out of cable options (so the only s-video I've tried is the DVD player).

    I'm left wondering a few things:
    • Does the camcorder only accept s-video externally (despite saying otherwise in the manual)?
    • Does it only accept NTSC signals?
    • Can I convert the headcam phonos to send s-video (I've got an adapter on the way to try this)?
    • Is there some issue with "in line" recording? In other words, it will accept a playback source, but not another camera signal. My camcorder is not on this list (hardly exhaustive) and the manual suggests external source is entirely possible.
    I feel like I am almost there - headcam on the TV, and DVD on the camcorder. Now just to get the headcam on the camcorder...

    Any insights would be gratefully received.

    And, hello! Since this is my first post.

    PS, if you're after a headcam, the 420 I picked up has a sweet picture - I can't see why you'd want any better unless it was for professional filming (especially after you take a vibrating crotch rocket as the platform into account).
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    The results are in.

    NTSC DVD player using S-video - works
    NTSC DVD using phono sockets - doesn't work
    PAL DVD player using S-video - works
    PAL DVD using phono sockets - doesn't work

    -PAL playback not the issue-
    -phono sockets may be output only on camcorder (that's not in the manual)-

    PAL DVD phono with s-video adapter - works!

    -camcorder accepts s-video, even converted from phono output-

    Bulletcam to TV phono - works
    Bulletcam to TV s-video - doesn't work!

    -This is confusing... because the camcorder accepts phono coverted to s-video but not straight phono!-

    Bulletcam to camcorder phono - doesn't work
    Buletcam to camcorder s-video - doesn't work


    My camcorder does not take phono input it seems and either does not like "pass through" from another camera or can't accept the bullet cam through my phono lead + s-video adapter.

    I really don't want to exchange camcorders at this stage. :s

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