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Thread: DVD's are quiet?

  1. Default DVD's are quiet?

    Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that you have to crank up the volume on your TV when playing a DVD to get the same level of volume you have when your watching normal telly?

    This isnt just with DVD's im making, but with ones you rent or buy.

    Does anyone know why this is?.....and what i can do to improve it?

    I have a final cut of a film i just made and the levels are perfect when i play it on my PC through some good monitors. I checked the level against commercial films i have stored on my hard drive. When i burn it and play on my DVD player through a telly i have to crank the volume right up.

    Its annoying no?

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    Yes it is!

    Different devices may have different signal strengths. Another dvd player may give you a different audio level. I have many devices and players set up to the same TV, and each one plays back at a significantly different audio level, which means we always need to adjust the TVs volume depending on what device we're playing the dvd/video on.

    Each device has it's own volume setting, but it's a pain to try to get them all the same level so we never bother. It's just one of those things I think.

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    I notice a big change in the audio after using APP2.0, it sounds great on the computer but as you say you have to turn the volume up on the tv and then when there is a loud section on the dvd, you're reaching for the remote to turn it down before the speakers blow. Does this happen in other editors?

    I always run off a dvd first before giving it to anyone just to check the audio levels on two or three tv's and will go back into APP2.0 again and change the audio levels up or down in a certain section to try and make it sound not too loud or not too quiet.

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    Using a compressor on the audio track would help remove the huge contrast between the soft and loud sounds, by reducing the dynamic range of the sound.

    Check your DVD player's settings too, and if it has a "Dynamic range compression" (DRC) setting, set it to on, this will do the same thing, but it's still best to apply the dynamics to the actual video, because you don't really want to tell everyone to set their DVD players DRC setting every time they watch one of your videos.

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