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  1. Default Ati all in wonder 9800 pro

    Happy New Year

    But not for me,

    Bought this card, along with a very high spec system and im not happy :(
    Its an excellent card but the overall quality of vhs video capture is simply not good enough for my requirements.

    Tried capturing avi and then encode to mpeg2 and capturing in mpeg2, no frame loss at all but the quality just isnt 'pro'.

    Going to have an ebay sale of lots of stuff and then go for something else. As to what I dont know, maybe a matrox rtx100 extreme ?

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    You might want to take a look at this article (halfway down):

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    I have spent a 'serious' amount of time surfing forums, websites and reviews in the past few weeks and ive learnt a hell of a lot about dve

    I will probably keep this card and add the following :

    Svhs vcr with picture enhancement and digital TBC.
    Matrox rtx 100 extreme with the 3 Adobe programs.
    Possibly an external TBC from Datavideo with chromakeying, colour bar.

    I was once 1 of many people who thought you could slap a card in the pc and off you go to video heaven. Im glad I now understand more


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    I must admit I'm often too lazy to do a bit of searching on dig video (most of the stuff I know is from me struggling to do things the hard way - kinda foolish when there's a wealth of info out there ). Hopefully you'll be able to share your knowledge

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