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    Ok new to this group and forum. But just received a couple of days ago a Canon Vixia HV30. We have shot a few vids and linked them hdmi to a 70 inch screen and to an Epson projector. I am amazed about the quality. Not really familiar with video editing but will be asking what software to us. Have a MacPro so can come up as a PC or a Mac, so any suggestions will be appreciated.

    This is a totally amazing camera.

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    As I tell all newcomers, why don't you download some of the popular video editors listed here on this forum for starters. You can use most of them for 30 days and try them out, after that you should have a better idea of which one you like best and which one runs with no problems on your computer setup. Everyone on here has their own favourite so it's difficult to suggest one particular editor.

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    I am trying a number of them. Frankly I am leaning to Final Cut on the Mac as a favorite.

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