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Thread: First time at this - need some help/advice?

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    Default First time at this - need some help/advice?


    I'm making my first video and would like to cut in the middle on the video in certain places to a white screen with some writing on.

    I'm using windows movie maker, how can i do this with this?

    Also is there a way to cut all the background noise out before i add my own music to it?

    Any help would be great, even if it's to tell me to use something else apart from movie maker.

    Thanks in advance JK

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    Make title slides in Paint (not the best program I know) or look at the thread I started elsewhere on the forum about Free Stuff and you will see a lot of free software including a free image editor called Paint.NET. It has layers, filters and enough effects to get you started.

    Depending on whether you are in the UK or America, you will have to get the right size of image to fit on the video screen. I tend to go for 768 x 576 which is slightly bigger than the 720 x 576 video we use, but then again pixels in still images are square in shape and pixels in video are rectangular in shape. Just save them as a lossless format such as TIFF (better when using text) and drop them into the timeline in WMM2.

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