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Thread: Create DVD s that reverts back to menu when stopped???

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    Default Create DVD s that reverts back to menu when stopped???

    I'm new to this, so bear with me please.
    I am helping a friend create a DVD for a project.
    I have used ulead Video to cut and create individual mpeg files and have burnt the individual files to a dvd with titles etc using Roxio media creator.
    This has worked fine, but when i press 'stop' when watching the video it just stops the video ( obviously ) and stays as a black screen.
    Is there any way that when i press stop, it automatically reverts to the menu screen, where I can select another video.
    At present when i stop the video, I have to reload the DVD again, which isnt very professional.

    Thanks in advance


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    To get back to the menu you have to press the menu button

    Sometimes pressing stop twice takes you back to the main menu.

    The idea of stop is to stop the playback and then if you press play again it should carry on again where it stopped.

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    what if you set the "action" on pressing the next button as "return to the root menu"...that should work. I think we used something like that to avoid the operator inadvertantly going to the next chapter when we created DVDs for use in an awards ceremony. The default at the end of a chapter play was back to the main menu as wouldnt do if chapter 1 was the list of nominees and chapter 2 was the winner...and they played immediately after each other.

    we built in the safeguard that next means back to menu, end of chapter play....back to meant that the menu always was the start point...we used adobe encore by the way

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    Thanks very much for your advice, it is greatly appreciated.
    I have got the effect i wanted by using the 'Action' command, as you advised, in DVD Architect.
    The only problem I have now,is, when i burn the project to disc, the background image is cropped and I need to view the whole thing.
    I have tried all the resolutions offered when I create a new project, and have resized the background image that I am using accordingly.
    The Project looks fine when I view it on a PC, but when I play it on a TV, in both 4:3 and 16:9 the image seems bigger than the screen.

    Any ideas would be welcomed.

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    In a word "overscan". I'll refer you to this other post I made yesterday:

    EDIT: I'm presuming since you use Architect, you also use Vegas. On the preview window, next to the Preview quality settings, you can set the "Overlays" button (looks like a noughts and crosses grid) to display safe areas.
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    I solved it by creating a black background in P Shop and used it as a base image.
    Then i Created a another Jpeg image that i wanted to be seen on the video which included the text titles etc and resized it to fit in the overscan constraints.
    Then just added the video clips above the titles

    Probably went about it in a non conventional way, but got the result i wanted.

    Thanks again for your time

    ( As a newbie,I am enjoying this video thing )


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