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Thread: Best Learnign Resource for Premiere CS3?

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    Default Best Learnign Resource for Premiere CS3?

    Anyone know of a few good links to sites that offer free tutorials for beginners on Premiere CS3? Everything I seem to have found wants to charge anywhere from $59 - $200 for access to a total of roughly 40 minutes worth of video tutorials (and in my opinion, 40 minutes isnt really enough time to learn the basics!)

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    Default has some of the best training around, you can watch all of the Premiere tutorials for $25. There are some good free tutorials on Premiere Elements (don't laugh, the programs are surprisingly similar) at especially if you want to learn keyframing.

    Premiere has not changed much in the past 3 versions, and the timeline has not really changed ever. Keyframing is still the power behind the tool and that hasn't really changed a bit. If you find tutorials for any version on keyframing you will learn how to do it in CS3 too.

    Wrigley has some good stuff Adobe Premiere Tutorials
    Free Samples at Online Training Library: Training
    and the subscription is $25 per month but you can cancel anytime. Sign up for 1 month, watch the Premiere tutorials and then cancel if you want to. Everything you wanted to know about Premiere Elements and more

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    Beautiful. Thanks for the reply.

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    As well as watching some tutorials buy a book or two but most of all invest in TIME and just sit there and do it.

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