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Thread: Analogue to digital conversion nightmare! Help needed.

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    Default Analogue to digital conversion nightmare! Help needed.

    Hey, thanks for reading this, maybe YOU can help me.

    I need to transfer vhs video into avi files onto my computer and so far have hit one brick wall after another.

    My first attempt was by using my camcorder. I connected the VHS player to the camcorder (canon mv5i) via a scart/video lead interface. The copy was fine except; the images were all in black and white!!!!

    I then used the camcorders AV->DV mode which uses the camcorder as a converter, and so does not require a mini dv tape to record on. I simply go VCR -> scart adaptor -> video leads -> camcorder -> firewire -> pc. I then use Adobe Premiere to capture and again all fine except Black and white. Now I know that both the VCR and the scart adaptor and cables all work fine and in colour as I have used them in other situations (watching movies with a projector) so I assumed that maybe the camcorder was not functioning.

    My next step was to buy the belkin Hi-speed USB 2.0 DVD creator cable (serial F5U22. I connected my VCR directly to the PC and yet again black and white!

    Does anyone have any experience with this? What's going on? What can I do? HELLLLLLP!

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    are you trying to use svideo or composite?

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    going from the VCR to the camcorder, I use the s-video and the two red/white audio cables.

    From the vcr direct to the pc using the Belkin lead, I use the yellow vid cable AND the s-video. I have tried disconnecting these and found that with out the yellow vid cable the connection doesn't work at all. Disconnecting the s-video but leaving the yellow video lead seems to make no difference (the sound is going direct into the sound card and is unaffected by either of these changes).

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    ok, afaik vcrs rarely send an rgb signal over svideo, it's usually composite.

    Does your camera have a setting to change it to composite, or better still, can you plug a composite phono lead into it?

    similarly for the pc, you might have a setting set to rgb when you need composite. I'm not sure what software you're using, and i'm not familiar with your hardware, but it sounds like a definite composite/rgb problem.

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    Hey! Thanks for all the help - I am just about there, now.

    S-Video only delivers balck and white! This seems to be true with my set up, what a waste of time!

    I then pursued the various settings within my video capture set up and found that despite setting the defaults for the capture software to PAL, the 'capture video' default was set to NTSC (why they have two separate settings for input and output I don't know but I guess it pays to check every possible menu and option screen).

    Add to this that my computer was acting up and needed a system restore and basically I was fighting three different problems at once. But I am sorted now, so thanks to the other posters in this thread, your help and guidance has been invaluable.

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    If the S-video is producing black and white, you most probably need a better cable.
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    I have a similar setup and it was coming through b/w but i wiggled the cable, blew on the ends and it was fine.
    And thank you very much, when i got the vcr next to my computer i tried to connect like so. PC>firewire>DV Cam>composite>VCR>TV. The camera refused to convert digital to analogue :( . But then you said
    I then used the camcorders AV->DV mode which uses the camcorder as a converter
    at which I looked at my camera's settings and turned AV>DV off. It worked. yay. Now i can use my tv as a monitor
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    Maelzoid: were you using Ulead Video Studio? I had the EXACT same problem, and it took me forever to work it out, even though I found out early on that colour appearing as monochrome was a classic symptom of an NTSC/PAL mismatch. Like you said: having set the 'obvious' option to PAL, you don't think to look down several nested layers of menu to find a very non-obvious option. Also was using the Belkin thingy. Not the best quality, but dirt cheap and very convenient...
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