well it says im logged in but then it changed its mind so lost all my post.


will have to summarize now. was trying to make it fun to read.

im more than just a complete newbie. ihaven't got a scubie.
great on computers tho.

i want a HDD, thought about it, and decided its what i need right now.

i don't understand the jargon...how shall i look for the better picure quality or resolution i keep seeing different things like kpix, resolution 1080, or 3cc.

thats my main priority you see. just the better within my budget tho.
other than that, i will look for external mic socket, and thats it.

i have actually been trying to read up on it for two hours and only grasped a few things. i don't care about effects or zoom and certainly not touch screen its not my favourite thing i find it annoying most of the time. i don't care about looks or weight. a shit mic would be a shame tho.

any ideas people? thankyou...