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Thread: sony dcr-trv16e+loss of audio

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    Default sony dcr-trv16e+loss of audio

    Ive had my sony dcr-trv16e for five years now and used it regularly,Ive had no problems since about a month ago it all started...

    1) I lost the audio from the internal built in microphone,but once I captured to my hard drive the audio was in tact.

    2) Yesterday I wanted to capture some footage Id taken over the weekend and I was shocked to have no audio included with the video.

    3) I tried then another DV cassette and nothing,No sound.

    4) Then I plugged in the AV out on my camera connected to my TV,nothing,no sound.

    I know theres a few more things I could try but I would like some help in finding the correct order in which I could take to fix this problem.

    What solutions shall I execute next??

    Regards mark

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    Forget it.
    The internal mic is broken.


    Is this usual for a camcorder which is just 5 yrs old.?

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