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Thread: 8.0 Rendering problem!!!

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    Exclamation 8.0 Rendering problem!!!

    Okay, can anyone help? I've asked this at 2 other forums already, and no ones responded on either of them, and I haven't been able to make AMVs since >.<.

    I made a video in Sony Vegas. That was fine, I went to render it
    and that was fine..except when I was done rendering it it became this.

    Cats Dont Dance AMV MESSEDUP -
    ^See all the blackouts between clips? THOSE USED TO HAVE CLIPS, it blacked out certain parts.

    Now, I know it's not the codecs/formats. Because I made it with ONE MOVIE, not a bunch of episodes, one movie that was all one format.
    That I split myself in Vegas. So that issue is out.

    It's not the transistions, because clips that didn't have transistions messed up..
    It's not looping, I turned that off and tried.
    A friend said when they speed up or slow down clips that happens to them. But I need those sped up, so I tried to split the slowed down ones, STILL NOTHING. It shows the transistion/effects but not the clip.

    It's not what I'm rendering it as either, tried all different ones.
    It's not effects, took all those out and still nothing.
    It's not space between the clips, zoomed in as far as it would go and there's no blank spaces.

    Does anyone have that same problem or know what to do to fix it? >.<
    I really need help ASAP, I can't make any AMVs till I get it fixed. It happens with all AMVs I render.

    I am running on Windows XP, Service Pack 2.
    With only 128MB RAM (Not by choice).
    Gspot said I had the right codecs installed, so it can't be that.

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    There has been an ongoing issue with some users with black frames in projects, I have never seen them, but if you check the Sony Forums you can find references to them

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    It seems to happen when I slow down or speed up clips, why would that do it?

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