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    Truly an ultimate noob question. I have my video edited, but I captured it as one movie, trimmed out the odd bits, now I want to save certian scenes as a seperate movies. Now I'm thinking as I was doing the capture I should have stopped at each scene and saved it as it's own avi. I can't seem to figure out how to lift a clip out of the movie to save as it's own mpg.

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    Ok, I figured out how to select a clip, export the video and audio seperately, make a new project and finish that way, but is there a more efficient method? At least exporting video and audio together? They are interlocked in the project.

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    Move the work bar area to cover the clip(s) you want to output. On the render screen where you choose the destination of your files, choose "work area only" instead of the default "entire project".

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    Aaahhh ok. Thanks.

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    Hope this means you've been working on your competition entry

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    Ha! I'm far too lost to compete in anything still lol.

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    Don't let a little thing like experience put you off! All levels are welcome and entrants from us noobs are positively encouraged. The home movie section is rather thin on the ground, so this would be an ideal oportunity for you.

    Put all that practice to good use

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