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    Evening all,

    I did try a search for this, so hope it hasn't been covered and apologies if it has.

    I've got a horrible feeling I know the answer to this, but will ask anyway!

    I recently bought Elements 4 (and Photoshop Elements 6 bundle) to edit footage from a recent trip.

    I have a very straightforward idea (and I'm sure it has been done a thousand times before, but hey ho!), in that I want at the start of my video to have still photos change to the the beat.

    The beat in question is the very well known "Blue Monday" by New Order.

    Now, the problem I have is that when I detect the beats in Prem Elements 4 and then go to add my photos to change exactly on these beats at the start of the song, for the series of very fast beats, I can only seem to stretch the timeline out and deal with minimum time units of half a second.

    However, this doesn't suit, I need to be dealing with tenths of a second (at the largest!).

    Can this be done? Everytime i try to drag something inbetween, it snaps to the half second mark and so do all my manual markers. Surely this can be achieved?

    Many thanks in advance.


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    I don't have Premiere Elements 4 in front of me but as it is a frame accurate editor, you should be able to zoom right into single frames on the timeline. Look for a slider or a magnifying glass near to the timeline and keep clicking or dragging it to the right until it stops.

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    Also, on the timeline you may need to turn off the Snap feature Everything you wanted to know about Premiere Elements and more

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chuck Engels View Post
    Also, on the timeline you may need to turn off the Snap feature

    Thanks. I think it does hve something to do with the snapping to the timeline. I've turned it off and I'm as zoomed in on the time stretch as I ca be.

    Even though I've turned the snap feature off, I still can't move clips or images inbetween the ruler markers. They ill always "snap" to the ruler markings. Any ideas?


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    When you are as zoomed in as you can get on the Timeline you are at a single frame view. You can't have less than one frame, it isn't possible, nor would it ever be necessary. Everything you wanted to know about Premiere Elements and more

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    Thanks, but working on that logic, by the time I get to the second set of fast beats at the start of the tune (if I can only change the picture by "frame"), then the pics are totally out of sync with the beats?


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    There are 30 frames per second (NTSC) and 25 frames per second (PAL), how can they be out of sync at that minute detail? Maybe you are not really zoomed into the timeline all the way?

    Maybe a screen shot of your timeline will give me a better idea of what you are talking about Everything you wanted to know about Premiere Elements and more

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