Check out this link below to see the photo that I am referring to:

The linked image is a composition of my FRAME render (top) and my MOVIE render (bottom), both rendered as .tifs

I am working on a fake news broadcast and I am having some problems with my test Renders. So far I have 12 layers of video. Normally I would do this type of work in After Effects or Combustion, but I have to finish this in the next month, so I am crunched for time. I have a bunch of separate .tif files with transparencies of just custom text.

I am scrolling this text across the screen using keyframes. In the end I am making the mouse type you would see on CNN, the scrolling news updates at the bottom of the screen. If I render a FRAME the mouse type shows up, but if I render a MOVIE (.tif sequence, AVI, etc. I have tried many formats) the mouse type does not show up... that means 10 layers of video work, but two don't... this is very strange.

I am working with Premiere Pro 2.0
Project settings: 16:9, NTSC, 29.97 fps, 1440x1080 HDV
Rendering to 4x3 720x486 with black bars.
Windows XP, 4GB ram, no render card

I am never working with HDV again. Headache central.