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    Hey I'm a still photographer who's completely absolutely new to working with video, and I'm working on my thesis making movies out of still images. I'm imitating the look of television and I was wondering if anyone knows how/where I can make or find some effects - the "pop" of turning a CRT monitor on or off, television static, "rolling" images, etc. I'm a poor mother fucker and I'm using iMovie because it came with my mac. If anyone has any help to offer I would appreciate it so much.

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    If you have acces to Adobe After Effects and can point you at step by step instructions. pop across to the creative cow podcasts and sift through the after effects ones. i think a TV turning on/off is one of the early ones.

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    After effects is definitly the way forward - if your looking for inspiration with still images in film I suggest you watch the french film 'la jetee' ..........Jetée, La (1962)..... but as your doing a thesis I guess you already have?
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    i have seen it, it's wonderful. my thesis is not a narrative though, so the work will be pretty different. but yeah i'm just not sure how to go about finding/making/etc these tv effects, any tips?

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