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Thread: Sony Dvd 105 Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Default Sony Dvd 105 Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hi all

    I am a newbi here been looking around for a bit and now need help.

    I have the sony dvd 105 I use dvd -rw dont have any problems with the kit it's self I like it, the problem I have is editing the dam stuff.

    Once I get the files off the dvd and on to the pc (drag and drop) I have a load of _TS file that I can not do anything with I have tryed sony and they were no help.

    all I want to do is bit of editing burn a full size dvd and be done with out having to head hunt at NASA.

    Please help

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    The video is contained in files with a .vob extension (usually around 1GB in size - move your mouse pointer over them to check) and you need some conversion software. This will allow you to convert the .vob files to a more manageable file format that the popular editors will accept, such as .avi or .wmv. Do a search on Google for either Super DVD VOB Convertor 1.23 (freeware), STOIK Video convertor 2.1.1 (freeware) or Super C.

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    Hi not been around for a bit but thanks for your reply, anyway last night I tried STOIK Video convertor 2.1.1 and it just dont want to know!!! is there any one out there that I cam pm some screen shots to of the files I have please help........................................


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