Hi all, maybe it was the record 50 cm snow to total 4 meters for the year..but I was indoors a while So i started adding video to my son's CD. he is a sound engineer, musician,writer etc.
I started with Window's Movie maker, someone told me about Sony Vegas 8. And on we went ;0
there are now 12 or so out there. Check 'em out and any comments really welcome as Greg is about to show his stuff to a New Jersy USA consultant .

YouTube - Broadcast Yourself. search Greg Pilon, Bobcat Gray

He wrote, played all instruments. produced , engineered, sand etc in a one man effort. In his shows he has removed the vocals and lead guitar and playes to the "Digital band" with the video shown on a screen behind him. A one man Pink Floyd as it were. Comments and suggestions really welcome

Mike in Ottawa Canada

now off to shovel more snow, there is a7 foot ( 2.4 metre) bank at the end of the driveway, quite pretty really but we could have flooding in Ottawa. I live on a hill so am okay