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Thread: placing index marks on video files

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    Default placing index marks on video files

    I owned a Vcr once where you could place index marks on the tape so you didn'y have to FF or RW thru it to get to the part you wanted.Wondering if theres any way the same can be done with digital video files be faster than having to use the FF or RW on the remote when watching on the computer or a media center then where you can place as few or as many marks you want whwther 5 or 1005
    may need a video edtor to rec them into the track though

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    I'm not the bright bulb here but only way I know to do what you describe is to create chapter/scene menus during the dvd creation process.

    It's easy to do and most editing and stand-alone dvd authoring programs allow for that. I use DVDitPE and it will allow me to create as many chapter menu points as I care to make prior to burning the program as a disc or as a hard drive file.

    There are many free versions of software available for trial downloads like ULead Video Studio that have this feature.

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