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Thread: Help me with converting video files into VOB

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    Default Help me with converting video files into VOB

    I'm looking for recommendations for programs that will turn my mpeg's, avi's, mov's, whatever else into vobs. I've been using Nero a bit, DVD Architect, and a demo of Ulead, and each one of these programs give me a fault somewhere that forces me to stop using the program.

    I'll get one video file that cannot be transfered due to some unknown error. Nero vision was giving me trouble with two different clips. One would freeze and stay frozen until I switched to the next clip, and another clip wouldn't even load into Nero. I had a different clip all together not load into Architect, and another clip load into Architect that wouldn't load into Nero give me a black screen with just audio.

    Ulead has given me the most success with menu editing and customization, as well as having everything work except one important aspect.... IT CRASHES BEFORE EVERY BURN! Every single attempt at a burn is a crash! It's unreal, I don't know how they got away with releasing that program. Shame on that company. It appears to be common knowledge all over Google too, it's too bad since that's the program that has actually let me load every clip and successfully get... well, I can't say successful, but it's so far the closest. I've had one successful burn with Ulead - I messed up on the menu editing, all the words were partially off the screen so I figured I'd burn it again. Problem central started from here on out.

    So my question is... could somebody recommend me something with real solid menu editing as well as a decent chance at loading up any old clip? I've tried to load some my "broken" clips into Vegas and Movie Maker just for kicks and they come up as just audio there too, so I can't even convert them to another format if I wanted to. I'm surprised Ulead worked the best off the start. Too bad it turned into a nightmare after one burn.

    Sorry for the rant, I'm looking for help . :(

    edit: I actually meant to put this in General software advice and not in this subform, I hope somebody sees it.

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    Once you are satisfied with editing first render your project as a mpeg2 file so that it can be opened in other programs.

    I like Sonic. MyDVD and DVDit are easy to master dvd authoring programs.

    Before downloading a free trial version of a program (may not be fully functional until you purchase the full version) I would ask my mates about the software bundles that came with pc dvd drives they purchased.

    ULead, for example, is bundled with several brands of dvd burner/drives and those versions of Video Studio and Movie Maker are fully functional just not as rich in transitions and effects and the full separately purchased version.

    Unlike others, I prefer to use a separate program for editing and another for dvd creation and burning. I have been happy with an old version of DVDitPE for years.

    Sorry to rattle on so - I suggest you either find a copy of a dvd creation program from a friend or download a trial and then open your rendered mpeg video into it for the transcode to vob and burning.

    Keep us posted and goodluck

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