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Thread: which tripod for sony dcr vx 2100

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    Default which tripod for sony dcr vx 2100

    I am new to video my question is,I already have a Manfroto 058 for still photography, do I need to purchace a specialist video tripod instead, or could I just purchace a fluid head for the 058.
    Also what would be a good fluid head (and tripod if I need specialist video tripod)
    to purchace.

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    I'm not familiar with the size and weight of that tripod, but I'm sure you'll give us more details in your next post. If you have everything else then just purchase a fluid head, does the tripod have a long pan/tilt handle or is short and stubby? If the weight is a problem it might become cumbersome to carry about for long periods so maybe a lighter model might be worth considering.

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    The Tripod weighs 6.15 kg, capable of supporting 12kg camera, I would need to purchace a good fluid head for video, so recomendation for decent fluid head and lighter tripod if needed would be a great help.
    I have just ordered camera, did not go for Sony dcr 2100, purchased a Sony HDR - HD 1000P instead.

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