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    Default Low quality, Huge files

    I'm having a little issue with my exports with premiere pro V7.
    When I export a 10 second movie (as a movie), I end up with absolutely horrible quality (worse than youtube) and an AVI 200 MB large. I've played with just about every option there is but just can't seem to export a good video.
    The project I'm working on needs DVD quality and a reasonable file size. But even if I ignore the file size, I can't even get the quality I need.
    With my dead line almost here, any help would be much appreciated.

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    What is the source of your video and how did you get it into Premiere?
    Video, still images, what does the project consist of?
    What pixel size are you exporting and what size is your project?

    You will not get a small file size exporting AVI files, you need to export FLV, MOV, H.264, or WMV to get reasonable size and decent quality. With AVI you should get great quality however, so there is definitely a problem there somewhere. Everything you wanted to know about Premiere Elements and more

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    The entire video consists of still images that were exported from Power Point. The images are 2160 x 1620.
    I then scale them down to fit the video. I've tried playing with different image sizes and formats but the quality doesn't seem to change.
    When exporting I use a pixel size of D1/DV NTSC (0.9) (that is what you ment by pixel size right?) I've tried different sizes, but I can't see a difference.

    I did find though (after I made this post), that if I make the project itself 1440 x 960 instead of the default 720 x 480, I got much better quality, but it takes forever to export and should I really have to use such a large resolution just so the words arn't all blurry?

    Thanks for the quick reply

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    Resize the images to around 1000 x 750 in Photoshop, then you will have better quality at the standard size project TV is still only 720 x 480 (NTSC), doesn't matter what size the images are. Premiere Elements has to resize them all to fit, do you know what happens when you squish an image - it looks terrible. Everything you wanted to know about Premiere Elements and more

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    Alright, I just gave that a try. I resized the image to 720 x 480 in photoshop (and it looks just fine), but when I put it in premiere then exported it, it sill came out looking horrible.
    I do have more more information however. After doing what you told me, in premiere I set my preview window's Zoom to 100% Then rendered the image by hitting enter, and to my surprise, the image looks horrible. Does this mean that the problem isn't in the export? Can my Premiere simply not render images properly?

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    Ok, so I made a new project. Using custom settings I set the editing mode to "Video for windows," and under video rendering I set the compressor to none.

    Now in the preview window, I get 100% quality. I still get bad quality when I export as a DV AVI, but when I export as an AVI and set the compressor to none, I get adequate quality (though I believe it should be better). But as I'm sure you've already predicted, the file size is just ridiculous. 74 MB for a 5 second still image.
    any suggestions with this new info?

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    If you don't get any other suggestions here try posting at
    I could tell you how to resolve this in Premiere Elements but not sure if Pro has the same settings in this regard. Premiere Elements has a 'Scale to Frame Size' setting in preferences that should be unchecked, you can look and see if Premiere has the same setting and uncheck it (or if it is unchecked then try checking the box instead). I have Pro CS3 on two computers at home but not here at work so I can't check right now. Everything you wanted to know about Premiere Elements and more

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