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Thread: Recording to XM2 from VCR via DV

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    Default Recording to XM2 from VCR via DV

    Hi my first post.

    I have a Canon XM2 and want to record from my Panasonic DMR-EH80VEB combination VHS, DVD, HD recorder using the DV cable. I can record from the XM2 to the HD of the recorder and this displays on my new Toshiba digital TV. But I cannot record to the XM2 via DV and I have done so in the past, prior to buying my new TV. I have been copying VHS home produced tapes a while back so I know it can be done. Apart from having a new TV that is digital and having everything connected via scarts (I use a sky digibox) I can't understand why I am having trouble now.

    I have made sure that I connected the DV cable with all devices off. There are no cautionary messages just a blue screen with the tape mode graphic and DV In displayed. It appears that for some reason the signal that goes out from the VCR does not go to the XM2. Although I can record to the VCR from the XM2 and that can be seen on the TV. Its as if the DV cable is only working one way when these cables are two way.

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    The cables are indeed 2 way, but not all devices are. Your new Panasonic may only have dv in, as I know the DMR EH60 only has dv input.

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    It's only the TV that's new. I had been using the VCR combo before to record to DV tape. But I didn't only get a new TV, but also a BT Vision unit to get digital TV from my TV aerial and Broadband -it didn't work as my TV aerial is not powerful enough so I had to go back to the Sky digibox. Resetting the tuner etc and getting into a mess with the cables. Possibly I switched some setting off that enabled the output to the XM2.

    I feel sure that all I needed to do was connect the XM2 to the Panasonic using the DV cable and press record.

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    Default Canon XM2 & Pansonic DMR-EH80VEB DVD HDD Recorder

    I would like to add that I have a box of digital tape that contains copies of VHS and SVHS tapes which were made via the DV cable to the XM2 (GL in the States) I have emailed Panasonic UK technical support to find out whether there is some reason why I can't record from the VCR to the XM2. But have not received an answer yet.

    I bought the DMR-EH80VEB for over 500 so that I would be able to make sure that all my VHS and SVHS tapes and my families tapes could be transferred from an ageing and obsolete format and also to be able to edit the material without undue loss of quality. I bought an additional Panasonic SVHS VCR to enable the SVHS material to be copied to the XM2.

    I suppose there is a possibility that the XM2 has developed a fault. I'll see if I can copy to and from my other video-camera before I do anything else.

    I would really appreciate any possible ways to tackle a solution to this problem. Could the modern TV have some sort of blocking signals that affect the VCR? I don't particularly want to revert back to the old TV.

    Failing a solution I'll have to dub to the HDD and then make DVD's and then copy them to my PC and then output from the PC to the XM2 - and by that time the material will be poor.

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    I have also tried to get video from the VCR to the DS38 with no luck Seems the Panasonic DMR-EH80VEB is defective (well suspect). I am now going to try recording from my Panasonic NV-SV121EB SVHS VCR directly to the XM2. No problem - colour and noise level is better than that of recording to the HDD of the DMR-EH80VEB.
    But to return to my original issue. I was able to record material from the Panasonic DMR-EH80VEB until I connected some new equipment: BT Vision "box" and a new TV the Toshiba C303/C353 Series in my case a 32 inch. I expected to see for the first time the quality of my SVHS recordings (for the first time!) and my newer DV recordings. My old TV a Toshiba a 20 inch, that is still working after 25 years of service has not exactly been disgraced by the new Toshiba. But has the new Tv and the abortive attempt to install BT Vision (due to a poor TV aerial) stopped recording via the DV socket.
    And if so why? Do these devices incorporate a microchip that can accept new instructions and can they stop output (to protect copyright material) that also stops recording of those who own the copyright -the independent producer (hobby and professional)? Information is very sketchy, unlike still photography forums. Real information about manufacturers products is similarly hard to find and is almost useless.
    I have discovered that if all power to all devices is cut off before connnecting any cables it helps to improve the picture. But although one is advised to do so one is not advised as to why one should do so. There are references to connecting equipment from videocameras to PCs that suggest that certain operations may not be possible in the DMR-EH80VEB Operating Manual that seem to be made to cover failure of the equipment to do what is should be expected to do. Update: I have connected my XM2 to my Panasonic DS38 and confirm that the XM2 will receive DV from the DS38. So the DV In functionality is OK (at least from one DV videocamera to another). I have also swopped DV leads to see whether there is a problem with a lead they are both ok.
    But I repeat it was doing what I wanted it to do, until. . .

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