Hi , new to the forum , found it while trying to find the answers to my question , but i am sure i will be here a lot now i know about it.

Ok...... The heads on my Canon XM1 need cleaning , properly , i have allready done the tape cleaner , but i know now its got to the point where it need a proper clean.

I have spoke to a few places that say they need to send it away and it will take a few weeks , the trouble is , i need the camera weekly , and i need it next weekend.

So my question is , does anyone on here know a place that can do it either while you wait or at the most a few days , or does anyone have any advice on how to do it myself? i am quite handy with things and steady , so if it can be done myself i will have a go

Or even if anyone on here can do it ?

I am in Lancashire ( Haslingden to be exact ) so i need somewhere near blackburn / burnley / bury / oldham / rochdale / bolton etc

Hope you can help

you can mail me direct on mail@mc-video.co.uk